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Month: March 2016

GIT: Pull request for specific commit

One of the common questions I get from new Github users is: “How to send pull request for one commit?”

Common questions are  great chance for a new post 🙂 So let’s see how we do it from the very beginning.

1. Clone your forked project:

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OpenStack Infra: Jenkins Jobs

A few days ago, while adding a new job to OpenStack Infra, I realized how difficult it must be for newcomers ( to OpenStack) to understand how OpenStack CI works and make new changes. The OpenStack Infra documentation coverage of each project is great and very detailed , but connecting the dots, which  assembles the complete work-flow can be a complex task for anyone.

Hopefully this post can help for those who unfamiliar with OpenStack Infra. This is written in a form of ‘Q & A’. If you read this and find yourself still wondering about additional subjects, please let me know and I’ll make sure to add it here.

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